Saturday, February 7, 2015


What moves God for prayers to be answered? What is the right approach? Praying with an egoistic mind and wordly motivation will not move God.  Also, we cannot manipulate God. "God if you do not answer my prayer, I will loose my faith"...these kinda manipulations will not move God.  Self-pity, crying, screaming, anger will also not move Him. But what touches the heart of God is faith. The bible is full of stories where people put their trust and faith in God and were heard. People that Jesus healed, where healed according to their faith. People were healed, not according to Jesus faith but according peoples faith. Sometimes Jesus would have walked by sick people and if they had not called out to Jesus in faith, they would have missed the chance to be healed. Faith is the most powerful tool.  Noah build the ark based on faith, it had not rained in years, he was not living near an oceon and I am sure people made fun of him, building a boat in the dessert.  Abraham was called by God to pack up his stuff and go.  Where? Abraham did not know but he had trust and faith in God to lead him. Faith and trust moves God and He will never let you down. But know that God tests you in this area and He will not work by your bright, worked out plan but by His plan. So oftentimes, He does things differently than you would have done it.  For this you need faith, letting go of your ego agenda and laying your issues in God's hands...and not only for a few minutes but for a lifetime! God is not your wishing well but does provide, more than enough! Have faith!

Monday, July 28, 2014


The Best Meditation Retreats in the U.S.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking Inventory Of The People In Your Life

Best massage for people dealing with people who are always in need, manipulators, and misery that loves company!  Are you hanging around Lifter, Thrusters, Weights, or Drags?
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Defeat Anxiety

In Touch Ministries Mar 25, 2013 Daily Reading Breaking Free from Worry Read | Matthew 6:25-34 What is it that you worry about most? Is it your health, your family, or perhaps your finances? Most Christians will claim to believe that the heavenly Father cares for us and His promises are dependable. And yet far too many keep right on worrying. It is important for us to distinguish between worry and legitimate concern. We undoubtedly want to be known as reliable members of society, which involves having a sense of responsibility so that we will carry our load and correct things in need of repair. But worry is more than that—it’s a corrosive poison that eats away at our trust in God. What can we do about anxiety? To start with, we need to be aware of the difference between being a believer in Jesus and being a follower of Jesus. A believer is one who has placed his trust in the Lord for salvation and has received the gift of eternal life. A follower goes beyond that and attempts to know and obey God. Through the Word of God, we as His followers become increasingly knowledgeable about His nature and His care for us. When we become fully convinced that our God is as good and loving as the Bible depicts Him, we will surely avoid the ways of worry. Scripture teaches that God knows all our needs, concerns, and desires but still commands us not to worry. Think about that. Would He ever command something and not enable you to do it? Absolutely not! He wants your trust and—if You allow Him—will prove to you that worry is unnecessary.